Learn How to Play Keno Online

Change is imminent they say, and that is true regarding casino gambling. Not so long ago, players who are interested in playing casino games have to go to a physical casino before they can do so. However, the internet and other technological advancements now make it possible for players to play games online without stepping a foot out their homes. A common game found in land-based casinos which is now available online is keno. This article explains to play the game. Visit online-casino-nz.com for top keno casinos.


The Structure of Keno Game

Keno is just like every other lottery game. It is a game that does not require any skill and the goal is to predict numbers that will be selected in the raffle round. Every keno game is played using a ticket called scorecard. A standard keno scorecard has 1 to 80 numbers arranged on it. You will need to mark your predicted number on the card prior to the start of the raffle. Some of the best casinos offering keno are:

  • 888 Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Mr. Green Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Playamo Casino

Depending on the version of keno you are playing, you may be able to select as much as 10 numbers on the scorecard. But have it in mind that each version has its limit so always cross-check before you start marking your predicted numbers. In the raffle round, some numbered balls will be selected at random from a pot containing many balls. If the numbers selected matches the numbers you marked on the scorecard, then you are a winner in the game.

Understanding Keno Payout

Payout in keno is determined by two different factors, the number of numbers you guessed right and the total amount of numbers you selected. The more the numbers you guessed right, the higher the payout you can expect. For example, if a certain player marks just 3 numbers on the card, and 2 of those numbers were right, then he'll win more than players that guessed 2 right numbers after selecting 8 total numbers. The great thing about online keno is that you can access the payout information easily.

If you are planning to start playing keno game but you have no idea how it works, a good way for you to get familiar with the gameplay is to play the free version online. Free keno games will allow you to learn all the moves of the game for free, and you will be able to build your personal playing style in no time. However, when you play a keno game in demo mode, have it in mind that you can't win real money.

Choosing the Best Keno Casino 2020

With so many online casinos offering keno games, you may easily get confused over which casino is the right to choose. To avoid choosing a casino that will give you a bad gaming experience, we suggest that you consider some important factors. Among the factors to consider are the licences of the casino, the variations of keno available on the lobby, the bonuses that you can claim, as well as the different payment methods. You can always check throughout recommended casinos to find the best keno casinos.